Youth House "Zahari Stoyanov" was established in 1974. In 2008 with the decision of the Municipal Council of Dobrich was renamed the Municipal Youth Center. 
Municipal Youth Center is a center for children and young people up to 35 years to complete their spare time. It offers various forms - studios, schools, courses, clubs, groups, bands and more. education, amateur art, art, youth information, in which children and young people learn and develop their talents, doing research. Participate in the organization of municipal, national and international events, initiate actions and implement them. Since opening traditionally develop Folk Dance Ensemble "Dobrotitsa" Studios pop singing, art, dance sport, etc., And over the years have created and developed many new formations for the 2012/2013 season the number 28 forms, which mark success at national and international level and involved in the initiation and implementation of national and international events. 
One of the most prestigious European Youth Initiatives pop-rock competition "Sarandev" - Dobrich and National competition for digital painting and graphics. 
The activity includes the organization of concerts, shows, happenings, fiestas, carnivals, etc., Presents the work of young artists in different fields of art - literary readings, exhibitions, competitions, recitals and more. 
Current issues in work related to the basic problems of children and young people in the present - consulting and information offices, which enable the provision of specialized information in the various fields of activities in the field of ecology - "Eco Summer" - green patrols, voluntary eco inspections and more. 
Young people participating in the national program of the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, approved method "peer education" in working for drug abuse, AIDS and child crime initiative "MAJOR" program "Youth, socialize with peers from around the world through the European Youth network "Eurodesk" involved in various projects such as "Youth Information Consulting Center", "My school, my interesting world." 
In carrying out its activities and achieving the Municipal Youth Center has partnered successfully with NGOs and media at local, regional and national level, cultural institutions, schools, municipal and state structures, embassies and cultural centers of different European countries. 
Municipal youth center "Zahari Stoyanov" working on behalf of young people and is subordinate to the idea of ​​"society which is not close to youth is far from viability."