About us

Who are we
Youth Center Dobrich is a municipal structure funded by the budget of the Dobrich Municipality.

Our mission – to Invest in creating an environment for children and young people to grow and participate actively.

Youth Center Dobrich offers modern multifunctional base, which creates suitable environment for educational, motivational and creative activities. The complex services in the Center provide value through participation in the activities and accommodation in the campus.

The main focus of the activities in the Center are connected with children and young people. The center develops key activities and best practices with participation of the young people, youth organizations, associations and structures. The Youth Center creates and maintains partnerships with professionals and volunteers, working in the youth sector in order to realize projects, expand the scope of youth work at national and international level and reach larger circle of young people.



Innovative and creative
Youth Center Dobrich is established in 1974 and since then continue to develop in response to young peoples needs and interests of today and tomorrow. In its daily activities it strives for innovation. The team of the Center is responsible for creating an inspiring environment for development of creative and educational activities, in suitable spaces and interaction between the different groups.

Diversity and visibility
The Youth Center maintains excellent relationship with large circle of communities: non-formal youth groups, school structures, cultural organizations, non-governmental organizations, municipal, state and international organizations. This leads to mutual enrichment through participation in various meetings such as conferences, trainings, exchanges, that are accessible and open to all. The infrastructure of the Youth Center Dobrich allows the implementation of a wide variety of initiatives. Participants in the activities of the Center can use the large spaces and halls according to their needs. The opinion of young people is an important principle in our policy!

Youth work
Working with young people is the main priority of the Center`s team. The team aims to improve the well-being of young people of Dobrich and the region. The emphasis is on the young person, his needs and his importance for the future development on local, national and international level. The organization of a wide range of events by and for young people (trainings, seminars, exchanges, workshops, round tables, concerts, campaigns, etc.) leads to the promotion of youth policies in the region and aims to bring the young person to a leading role in society.