Activity 1 – Project organization and management

This activity includes all horizontal activities that are directly related to the good implementation of the project, financial management and control, as well as internal monitoring.

The management team:

  • distributes the tasks and responsibilities of the experts included in the team
  • determines the rules for work, internal monitoring and reporting
  • discusses the schedule for the implementation of the project activities and develops a detailed one
  • discusses a schedule for conducting procedures for selection of contractors by activities and updates if necessary.


Activity 2 – Construction and repair activities and supply of equipment

Construction and repair works and delivery of furniture and equipment for Youth Center Dobrich.

Delivery and installation of office equipment and furniture:

  • purchase and delivery of computers, equipment, office furniture, etc. for the offices of the administrative staff in the youth center;
  • delivery and installation of equipment and furnishing of halls, lobby and campus.
  • it is planned delivery and installation of air conditioning equipment in non-air-conditioned administrative offices, halls and campus, in order to provide ventilation during the summer months.
  • it is planned to purchase roller blinds for two of the activity halls, a lobby and a dining hall, as well as mosquito nets for all halls and campus.

Construction and repair activities:

  • construction and repair works in Corp 3 of the Youth Center – partial renovation of the base of the dance hall, changing rooms, storage room, lobby, bathrooms, office and entrance hall
  • improvement of the adjacent area to Corp 3, through the construction of a “Free zone for physical activity” – purchase and installation of a specialized structure for street fitness, in order to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, as well as attracting young people with different interests, to the activities of the center and to encourage the creation of non-formal youth communities
  • sanding and crystallization of the flooring in the large and small lobby and corridor of the campus – the purpose of this activity is to use the available resources and preserve the authenticity of the flooring – beautiful Roman mosaic to achieve its long-term storage and use. It was made during the construction of the building of the youth center in 1974 and has not been renovated so far.

Purchase of a minibus 8 + 1 seats to ensure the mobile provision of services and facilitated access to the activities of the Youth Center Dobrich, as well as expanding their territorial scope.


Activity 3 – Activities for expanding the territorial scope of the Youth Center Dobrich. Activities with representatives of groups other than young people. Non-formal education.

  • Work with young people from remote settlements – as a result the territorial scope of the center’s activities will be expanded. Awareness and access to services for young people from small settlements will be increased, according to the identified needs.
  • “For parents” – The activity “For parents” leads to the coverage of groups other than those of young people. The training programs for future and current parents will increase the knowledge and skills for responsible parenting. Through the withdrawal of education, as a basic value and priority, prevention of dropping out of school for children and young people will be carried out.
  • Meetings with representatives of vulnerable groups – As a result of the meetings with representatives of vulnerable groups the leading problems in the community will be identified, effective methods of working with students at risk of dropping out of school and their successful social inclusion will be selected.
  • Youth Academies “Youth participation in the decision-making process at local and national level” – Youth academies will encourage the participation of young people in community life.
  • Non-formal learning – Non-formal learning will increase the number of young people covered, who will develop their “soft skills”, will be motivated to actively participate in the educational process and in community life, will enrich their knowledge, which will have a positive impact on their professional orientation and personal development.
  • Training for Multiplayers “Safer Internet” – the training for Multiplayers “Safer Internet” will create an effective method for using the Internet safely and dealing with risky online situations.


Activity 4 – Social inclusion and educational activities

Hiring leaders and teachers and creating new club forms.

  • Comics Club – it will increase knowledge and the interest of young people in the educational process. 2 editions of comics will be prepared and printed, the work of the participants in the activities, with several of the compulsorily studied works of authors included in the curriculum. There will be 3 exhibitions with the works of children and young people.
  • Art Club – it will be achieved successful socialization of children and youth, including those with intellectual disabilities. Participants will make new contacts, gain confidence in their own abilities and look at the creative process as a new opportunity for development. There will be 6 exhibitions with made art products in the Youth center – Dobrich.
  • Folklore Club – the activities of the club will lead to the inclusion of children and youth from vulnerable groups through the development of dance skills, active participation in the activities of the center and public speaking.
  • Yoga Club – the activities of the club will promote a healthy lifestyle and will be an effective prevention of health risks.
  • Bulgarian language course – the Bulgarian language course will provide an opportunity to acquire initial literacy for young people and students which don’t speak Bulgarian well, dropped out of the initial stage of the educational system. Thus, they will acquire skills for self-completion of forms when applying for a job and visiting institutions.
  • English language course – young people participating in the course will learn basic elements of English language proficiency, which will help them find a job in the field of tourism.
  • Workshops – coverage of participants which don’t belong to the group of young people. Free area for skills development and communication between people with similar interests.
  • “First meetings with employers” – establishing contact between young people and employers. Introduction to good practices and real opportunities for professional development. Build a clear judgment when choosing a job. Facilitate the process of finding a job.


Activity 5 – Innovative activities. Comprehensive services for young people. Youth initiatives.

  • Free Zone – in response to the interests of young people, a Free Zone for physical activity will be created to encourage the formation of a new non-formal youth group, to cover young people with different interests, which will be active participants in the activities of the center.
  • Folklore meeting – the planned folklore meetings will unite a large group of young people with an interest in dance art and traditions, will encourage communication between them and will enrich their knowledge about the diversity of folk dances in different ethnographic areas. Folk dances will be promoted in the community and will be used as a means of social inclusion of representatives of vulnerable groups.
  • Tolerance evenings – equality in diversity will be sought through the planned Tolerance evenings, intercultural dialogue will be achieved and barriers in communication between different ethnic groups will be overcome.
  • Music meetings – The music meetings will bring together in an non-formal setting young people from Dobrich with an interest in music, including young people from vulnerable groups. They will also be supported by music professionals who will pass on their experience and skills. This will help young people in the process of choosing professional development.
  • Youth camps – Youth camps are part of the effective activities of the National Network of Youth Centers. It will be created space, where young people, including those from the newly built youth centers, will share their ideas for the future, work in a team, developing their “soft” skills.
  • Exchange of experience and good practices with young people from the country – youth exchanges will provide an opportunity for young people and people working with the youth community from the region and the country to exchange experiences and plan future youth activities at regional and national level.
  • Regional meetings
  • Traveling board games festival “Let’s communicate real, not virtual” – traveling board games festivals will reach children and young people in a wide territorial and social range. Participants with different social backgrounds and levels of education will be involved. Real communication and networking and new friendships will be encouraged. The thematic focus will achieve enrichment of knowledge, development of concentration and strategic thinking.
  • Culinary competition – culinary competitions will show the active participation of young people. Social communication between young people with different professional orientations, united around their interest in the culinary arts, will be encouraged.
  • Youth initiatives – the youth initiatives implemented within the project will express the interests and needs of young people realized in their project ideas. Youth participation in community life, at local and regional level, will be strengthened. All this will increase the confidence of young people that they can be a factor for positive development of society.


Activity 6 – International exchanges with a donor partner. International youth exchanges. Centers “Without borders”.

  • The realized international exchanges with our partner from the donor country will strengthen the bilateral relations, knowledge transfer, sharing experience and good practices in working with young people will be done. It will be achieved a fruitful dialogue between Dobrich Municipality and Kopavogur Municipality and the improvement of the methods for work in the field of youth activities.
  • The series of international youth exchanges will lead to acquaintance with different perspectives for young people, promotion of youth participation by maintaining international relations. Build the confidence of young people to be part of a global development network.
  • Centers “Without Borders” is a form of exchange that will lead to the exchange of ideas to increase the diversity of youth activities in an non-formal friendly atmosphere. The sightseeing tour to Romania will enrich the knowledge of young people about the culture of the neighboring country.


Activity 7 – Audit

An independent financial audit of project costs is provided. A licensed auditor will perform an audit and prepare an audit report on the financial implementation at the end of each calendar year within the project. The report will contain complete information on all financial aspects of the project implementation.


Activity 8 – Information and publicity

The activity includes measures related to the announcement of the financial assistance of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The information and publicity measures aim to raise public awareness of the project and demonstrate its role and importance for Dobrich Municipality. The measures are aimed at the target groups, beneficiaries and the general public. It is envisaged:

  • Large information campaign in the schools in the city of Dobrich – a series of presentations will be held, promoting information about the project “Youth Center Dobrich – Your Today”, funded by the EEA FM 2014-2021, as well as opportunities for active participation in activities and their realization.
  • Development of a website on which information on the progress of the project will be regularly uploaded in Bulgarian and English. The information on the site will include data on the project, its progress, achievements and results, cooperation with donor countries, photos, contact information and a clear statement of the contribution of the EEA FM 2014-2021 and donor countries.
  • Conducting three information events – a starting conference, the official opening of Corp 3 of the Youth Center – Dobrich and a conference to conclude the project.
  • For the purpose of wider information about the information campaigns and all activities included in the project, the production and printing of advertising materials is envisaged.