Final and awarding of the footbal tournamen "I play sports - I communicate"


The team of “Zelenina” won the football tournament “I play sports – I communicate”
organized by Youth Center Dobrich

On October 10th at 14:00h on course “Izida” was played the final of the Youth Football Tournament “I play sports – I communicate” between teams of “Zlenina” and “Dimitar Talev.” The match was challenging and a high level and both teams had a chance to win. Ultimately, the result was 8:2 for “Zelenina” thanks to the excellent play by Konstantin Kondov who scored 5 goals in the game. The gold medals went to the boys of “Zelenina” who raised the Cup of this friendly tournament. For them, the organizers had prepared and vouchers for sports goods worth 50 leva.
            In the team of “Dimitar Talev” excellent scorer played Nikolai Ivanov who realized a total of 26 goals in the 4 matches in the tournament and also took the first place as a scorer. Second place was Konstantin Kondov of “Zelenina” with 18 goals, and third Martin Filev from “Dimitar Talev” with 12 goals.
            The match for the 3rd and 4th place didn’t take place because the team of “FK Dobrich 2015” divest the bronze to the boys from “Biskvitki Oreo”.  So the final standings in the tournament were the following:


1st place – “Zelenina”
2nd place – “Dimitar Talev”
3rd place – “Biskvitki Oreo”
4th place – “FK Dobrich 2015”

            The tournament involved a total of 128 young people from 15 to 29 years, which formed 16 teams and 16 matches were played with each other – the format “Direct elimination”. All teams received footballs from the organizers so that they’re able to continue to play sports in their free time.
            Football Tournament is part of the mini project “I play sports – I communicate”, organized within the project BG06-102 “Youth Center Dobrich – Your Tomorrow” funded under the program “Children and youth at risk” of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.