"First steps toward a successful career"


In 4 days, two groups of young people /each group consistent of 15 people/ took part in the seminar “First steps toward a successful career”. The participants were between the ages of 17 and 18 years old from the school-partners “Dimitar Talev” and “Liuben Karavelov”. Through this seminar the young people had the opportunity to acquire skills which will be helpful in their search for job. They did that by participating in diferent “role play” games, case studies, discussions, simulation games, working in small groups and etc.
The young people showed a great interest and the learned:
• to pick out among diferent models to choose a profession; diferent theories for career development and to implement all this knowledge in their own reality;
• to form aims for a career development and to know the main steps in their career planning;
• to know and to use diferent tools for evaluation (self-evaluation) of their interests, values, personal qualities and skills;
• to recognize the entrepreneurship as a specific form of professional development.
The young people gave a high evaluation of the seminar that they particpated in and they declared their willing to participate in other seminars and training sessions like those with one aim in mind – to build over what they learned now (this is what the evaluation form of the seminar showed).